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by | Feb 19, 2019 | Winter 2019

Words & Pics: Chris Johnson

What is KP day? That’s a great question.  I know its something now.

Factory Polaris rider Kyle Pallin out of Team LaVallee had the idea of renting out ERX Motor Park for the day to build the biggest booters, whoops and transfers, just because he could. Kyle invited his teammates and some fellow riders out for a day of fun and perhaps some shenanigans.

When I arrived Kyle was already hard at work riding in the groomer with Darick Kvein, the ERX Motor Park track builder, creating some fun features for the day.

As everyone arrived one by one, you would see a car stop in the middle of the road and everyone in the chalet would laugh because they knew they were dumbfounded by the road gap jump. Half of the fun was to see everybody’s reaction. It didn’t take long for the guys to suit up and go send-it!

Kyle  said he’s thought of hitting the road gap at ERX for a long time now and was pumped to be the first one to do it. The rest of guys immediately followed him, gapping the road. Keep in mind this gap was right about 125’ to the sweet spot of the landing.

It was entertaining from my perspective to see everybody’s reaction going from a little nervous to, “who cares, let’s roll!” Most all the guys were doing some tricks which they had never done before. I think KP Day really gave them the opportunity to let loose and have some fun. Racing is mentally and physically demanding, so it was impressive to see racers out there letting loose without the rigid rules or regulations the sport can bring .

Everyone agreed Kp Day was one of the best days and joked how it will have to be an annual event.

Photo credit: IFLY Photography